Welcome to Appspec Computer Techonlogies Corporation (AppSpec)
We are a full-spectrum, industry-leading company offering service in a wide range of areas including embedded systems, rapid prototyping, device drivers and product development.
Adapting to individual company needs with up-to-the minute expertise and services, gives our clients the advantage needed for competing in today’s marketplace.
Our years of experience delivering unsurpassed quality and service make us an industry leader. From initial development to product support, all aspects of every client's needs are met.
Our global clients include leaders from the aerospace, aeronautical, telecommunications, military, petroleum, geological and manufacturing industries.


Making your workflow easier

SEDR-100 : IED and Landmine strike data recorder.
- Accelerations to +/-1000g
- Rotations to +/-300 degrees per second.
- Over pressure to 100psi

SpecLogger : Ultra-Precise 24 bit data logger.
- IP67, -40C to+85C
- Suitable for exposed outdoor use.

SpecComm : AES secured ethernet base intercom
- IP67, -40C to+85C
- Suitable for exposed outdoor use.

TinySpec : ARM Linux Computer
- IP67, -40C to+85C
- Suitable for exposed outdoor use.
- Available in MS25212 (aviation/helicopter) enclosure.
- Available in single DIN (automotive) enclosure.


Helping our clients to suceed.

AppSpec provides our clients with specialized embedded firmware and hardware consulting services. We add a significant added value to the product development cycle from requirement definition thru to product proto-type development. In particular, we can aid your product development where issues of harsh environment, or technical risk have been identified.